About Me

I am a 21-year-old from Taiwan and I am currently a senior studying Computer Science at MIT. I am also frequently known by my username tmwilliamlin168.

I was an 8-year-old who loved playing with Legos when I discovered videos of Lego robots on YouTube. Slowly, I learned about the endless possibilities of computer programs along with the enjoyment of challenging myself to make my programs work. Ever since this initial exposure, programming has defined my life.

In addition to being passionate about programming, I am eager to challenge myself to do things I've never accomplished before and I strive to learn and improve on my skills every day (for example, if you have constructive criticism and suggestion about this newly-made website, I'd be very glad to hear them :D).


My YouTube channel has over 300K subscribers, which I mainly post programming content on.

My best-performing video with over 5M views is Winning Google Kickstart Round A, shown below:

Competitive Programming

One of the areas which I have the most expertise in is CP (Competitive Programming). Most notably, I obtained first place at the 32nd IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics). I started CP in April, 2017 and have roughly three years of experience.

As I practice, I love the feeling of satisfaction when I piece together the final part of a problem, code and submit the program, and see the green "Accepted" status on my program after hours of hard work. During contests, I do it for the adrenaline rush when I race against time to type out a solution as fast as possible. CP gives me the same euphoric emotions an athlete would feel when scoring the winning goal. Here are a few of my CP profiles: